Monday, April 3, 2017

After these signs... How do you continue reading a book?

Estoy otra vez

I am again

an act of payment to the hours

the plight must be local?
or beyond these
lines of the land

una vez más
arde y pasan-horas

y pronto traerán las pistolas
para hacernos recuerdos-amados

but for now aquí cerca
una imagen de la virgen
y cuatro libros colgados

y que bueno que ya
se fue la lluvia

pero no el letrero
que dice

con este pain to
miss an illusion
for a week-minutes
and sometimes days

thinking it was him or him-or-him

but not in the blue-irvine
nor floridian-spanish

nor lover-of-dogs
nor i-just-barely-met you!’s

too many friends and
no-new-friends and

Juan Gabriel
sounds about right-right-now

when I trace the backwards labyrinth
called you-know-love

and how it was
widely embraced

by those who taught me
the making