Saturday, February 11, 2017

Quiero saber de ti... / I want to know more about you...

Quiero saber de ti
eso pense por la mañana

y al caminar por la calle
entre mil ojos
me acordaba de los tuyos

los que conocí de noche
y me llevaron a ti

quiero que sepas
me da cometer errores
y con lo difícil de mi
otras manos sedientas se quedan

como aquel asombro del tiempo
me ayudas entre estas tierras

y evitó la nube gris
con esa nueva magia

entregaré todo
eludiré otros corazones

palmaré con riesgo


I want to know more about you
I thought that in the morning

and walking down the street
among a thousand eyes
I remembered yours

the ones I met at night
and took me to you

I want you to know
I make mistakes
and with the difficulty of me
other thirsty hands stay

like that wonder of time
you help me among these lands

I avoid the gray cloud
with this new magic

I will deliver everything
I will bypass other hearts

palmar with risk

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

With the education guesses and the implications undiscovered...

I’ve been putting off reading so much
since it is all intense and some heavy
shit so today
I needed a break

I’ve vented
and they were shaken
and I am too pero no tanto

I knew well that was gonna happen

didn’t you?

with education guesses
and the implications undiscovered
E. none of the above.

The so uninterested of
their ancestry,
the factual cruel reality,
only the myths and legacies of an
“It get’s better”

we’re gonna have to
homeschool our kids
for a few years

and our population
since the neoliberals
sold away our reach

and the right
our hands.