Monday, December 19, 2016

Do not pistol yourself the lip mystery...

When I cannot
look away
under geometric
rage hidden and
my fingers
quiet earthquake-flowers
of granite grey...

onto my
frosty lips muffling
die, die,...
words and
teeth of
this labyrinth

But no

I hear there
a “do not
pistol yourself
the lip


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Reflections: After the first semester...

I’ve completed one circle
and I did my best
unpuzzling the mind and
shuffling its history there
were many nights
my fingers went numb
mapping my own path out of
WTF moments and ¿qué es esto?
to see the books
sparkle I dove to
“Dancing with the Devil,”
because, what can be dislodged
from “The Queer Art of Failure”?
wouldn’t you want to know
about the erasure?

I knew it would be a hell
of a ride to get to Jameson
and “The Intimacies of Four Continents”
nonetheless, I am here

and I’ve learned

the edges of different parts of me
I imagined being “Liquidated,”
“Madness and Civilization,”
“Loving in the War Years,”

it has been amazing
to make so many friends
and share the parts of
our existence
squeezing youth

here too generosity invites and
goodness shares the glow

and as anywhere else,

that same difference too
that sometimes lives hidden
behind the kisses lovers share
when they do not kiss to love
but with their hearts in the distance

the wonder of
growing roots,

Since we're all
“Catching Hell in the City of Angels”
“Unbuttoning America” and its
“Light in the Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro”

many times poetry
saved me near “Grasshoppers
Before Gods,” and
“Spider Woman/ La Mujer Araña,”
giving me the hope,
the purpose,
the “Canto Hondo/ Deep Song”

I revisited letters and partly forgotten
memories of Lorde and Rilke,
“The Riddle of Cantinflas”
and the blessings from
the eldest woman on my block
and all my friends and family,

this passion has been
where the earthquakes do come
and the killer coldness
but my new home
in the heartland

from southwest
to the mid-west
and anywhere
it takes you too

let it grown you

I thank the
Universe thrice for that.