Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I was only a kid when mom told me...

I was only a kid
when mom told me
she saw this metallic looking thing
land from above and
two slender beings
tall and with the eyes of flies
walking down a ramp to
touch the ground


       Mom scared the shit out of me...

Dad did the same when
he said tiny purple people
jumped off from a toaster looking object
after they had landed on the roof of
our house in Tijuana

He said he didn't blink and
silently hid because he
was afraid of the tiny purple people

the world had never felt smaller to him...

     vulnerability also needs awakening...

Mom likes to think that aliens are angels...

Dad thought about calling the cops then but
he thought no one would believe him
and wondered if the government knew about
the toaster people and if the government could
protect us from them out there...

     Life is scary when my toe twitches and
     I imagine the battle my inner body does to
     keep me comfortable in this vessel...

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