Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Brain Active

On that one occasion
I asked if he
for better or worse
had those lights
so eloquent
his answer came

I was going crazy
for putting myself
through the memory
of the time the devil could talk
through my well received
food on the table

there was no disgrace
when I was young
during my forgotten
weekend mornings
reading novels on
the bus to nowhere

there are many adults
that discover a newly
Roman Catholic neighborhood
who believe the vegetables
understand the context
at a fairly basic level

writers write the
brain active and emulate
the white and black and
the impact on this fictional
memory called broken
basket society

my parents met while
a dozen stuffed animals
argued about the scattered
future somewhere in a dungeon
that once held grandfather's
80 year old secrets

I was going to
insert dialogue to honor these
"doing quite well" frijoles
made from what appeared to be
a children's picture book
equipped with a free gift

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