Friday, October 9, 2015

"Que rojo se ve el sol..."

I think it is only a few of us in this park

then I know
it is all of us who share the sun,

there is no place on earth                                                            
      the sun doesn't know about...

the sun witnessed the time
________ walked beside me
how ________ held me as
we waited for the sun to say
"I'll be back tomorrow,"

the sun keeps promises.
we didn't...

I had a home then
and a green plant
and I'd wake past noon
to _______ snoring.

We'd walk up hill,
 Bart to Oakland.

"When it gets hard..." ______ once said.
     "Adios!" ______ said.
"It's the only thing I know..." fragments of what ______ said.

I dream of the stars on _____'s back

when I remember ______ saying

"Que rojo se ve el sol..."

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