Monday, April 3, 2017

After these signs... How do you continue reading a book?

Estoy otra vez

I am again

an act of payment to the hours

the plight must be local?
or beyond these
lines of the land

una vez más
arde y pasan-horas

y pronto traerán las pistolas
para hacernos recuerdos-amados

but for now aquí cerca
una imagen de la virgen
y cuatro libros colgados

y que bueno que ya
se fue la lluvia

pero no el letrero
que dice

con este pain to
miss an illusion
for a week-minutes
and sometimes days

thinking it was him or him-or-him

but not in the blue-irvine
nor floridian-spanish

nor lover-of-dogs
nor i-just-barely-met you!’s

too many friends and
no-new-friends and

Juan Gabriel
sounds about right-right-now

when I trace the backwards labyrinth
called you-know-love

and how it was
widely embraced

by those who taught me
the making

Monday, March 6, 2017


Sounds like it’s gonna rain machines
just when this felt home...
continued to be winter-a-crying-gray.

How could I
change that life?

Now somewhere around here
I’m biting into the awful...
I’ve been meaning to tell you...

there is this piano inside my head that
plays to semi-memories of
an old lover and with room for more.

Was I escaping this much?

Something within me
whistles imagining itself-mermaid,

but I said goodbye
near many moons and sunsets.

It all stayed behind
and I kept going-going,

climbing and crossing
to decipher the long-ago-song;

the message beneath the message,


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Quiero saber de ti... / I want to know more about you...

Quiero saber de ti
eso pense por la mañana

y al caminar por la calle
entre mil ojos
me acordaba de los tuyos

los que conocí de noche
y me llevaron a ti

quiero que sepas
me da cometer errores
y con lo difícil de mi
otras manos sedientas se quedan

como aquel asombro del tiempo
me ayudas entre estas tierras

y evitó la nube gris
con esa nueva magia

entregaré todo
eludiré otros corazones

palmaré con riesgo


I want to know more about you
I thought that in the morning

and walking down the street
among a thousand eyes
I remembered yours

the ones I met at night
and took me to you

I want you to know
I make mistakes
and with the difficulty of me
other thirsty hands stay

like that wonder of time
you help me among these lands

I avoid the gray cloud
with this new magic

I will deliver everything
I will bypass other hearts

palmar with risk

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

With the education guesses and the implications undiscovered...

I’ve been putting off reading so much
since it is all intense and some heavy
shit so today
I needed a break

I’ve vented
and they were shaken
and I am too pero no tanto

I knew well that was gonna happen

didn’t you?

with education guesses
and the implications undiscovered
E. none of the above.

The so uninterested of
their ancestry,
the factual cruel reality,
only the myths and legacies of an
“It get’s better”

we’re gonna have to
homeschool our kids
for a few years

and our population
since the neoliberals
sold away our reach

and the right
our hands.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Do not pistol yourself the lip mystery...

When I cannot
look away
under geometric
rage hidden and
my fingers
quiet earthquake-flowers
of granite grey...

onto my
frosty lips muffling
die, die,...
words and
teeth of
this labyrinth

But no

I hear there
a “do not
pistol yourself
the lip


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Reflections: After the first semester...

I’ve completed one circle
and I did my best
unpuzzling the mind and
shuffling its history there
were many nights
my fingers went numb
mapping my own path out of
WTF moments and ¿qué es esto?
to see the books
sparkle I dove to
“Dancing with the Devil,”
because, what can be dislodged
from “The Queer Art of Failure”?
wouldn’t you want to know
about the erasure?

I knew it would be a hell
of a ride to get to Jameson
and “The Intimacies of Four Continents”
nonetheless, I am here

and I’ve learned

the edges of different parts of me
I imagined being “Liquidated,”
“Madness and Civilization,”
“Loving in the War Years,”

it has been amazing
to make so many friends
and share the parts of
our existence
squeezing youth

here too generosity invites and
goodness shares the glow

and as anywhere else,

that same difference too
that sometimes lives hidden
behind the kisses lovers share
when they do not kiss to love
but with their hearts in the distance

the wonder of
growing roots,

Since we're all
“Catching Hell in the City of Angels”
“Unbuttoning America” and its
“Light in the Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro”

many times poetry
saved me near “Grasshoppers
Before Gods,” and
“Spider Woman/ La Mujer Araña,”
giving me the hope,
the purpose,
the “Canto Hondo/ Deep Song”

I revisited letters and partly forgotten
memories of Lorde and Rilke,
“The Riddle of Cantinflas”
and the blessings from
the eldest woman on my block
and all my friends and family,

this passion has been
where the earthquakes do come
and the killer coldness
but my new home
in the heartland

from southwest
to the mid-west
and anywhere
it takes you too

let it grown you

I thank the
Universe thrice for that.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

El frío me advierte...

El frío me advierte...

mañana estalla la noche
se pondra gruesa la cosa

el humo 
de estas ruinas
y ahora...

los malos regresan de la muerte
trenes acumulando velocidad...

allí viene

el futuro que no imaginamos

lo vamos a vivir...

¿cómo dar gracias mañana?

¿en nuestra última cena?