Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hope for another tomorrow...

Collage: Hope for another tomorrow... 
José Héctor Cadena 

Hope for another tomorrow... 

of its of

the dark
vessels bob
of the

pond. Two
of the teeming

José Héctor Cadena (March 12, 2016)

Monday, November 20, 2017

The unprepared...

People get triggered by thinking
of reasons brown people have conspired against them

against them?

they think they have a grip on the power
after taking out one or two or another force
somewhere pinned against each other
because there are no more benefits there

they seek to gain control
smearing me with the shit they’ve cooked in their brains

what does it get you
this battle?
this too many…
the unprepared...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Despite the beyond we might go after...

The joys we examine 
     despite the beyond we might go after 

remind me of mother and the moments that 
     came over me after birds-crash and castles-collapse

 we kept going...

 as I was left waiting in the living room of a friend
 with the intuition to know 
we are new, we are old 

     dad telling me to do this and that so much that I am able to
 fix a broken chair and glue-glass-back 

but not the leak of this rotten-place 

over my toilet 

I wonder 

I was right then
  as I am right now 

  somewhere around here there are witches 

Friday, September 29, 2017

another year

What becomes of that song that meant
something about another city a few years ago
the first time living with devils and
on the twelve story building?

c-hustle got me
out of that tower and onto
the energy of women-spirits
nurturing-me in the northern lands

I lived the crossroads
with a craigslist-roll-of-the-dice and
an amber-family came together
called a-place-a-home

in imagined and non-imagined kisses
blue lights revealed what I was
night weaving me into an always-remember

a point-transition
with ripples-to-waves

another year

Monday, August 14, 2017

Among faces-faceless-smiles-and-go-fuck-yourselves

I cannot forget the strong handshake I gave them
as I left them rootless at the coffee shop near that park

and among drowned memories neglected that I carry
grasshopper-reminders in the hotness-night

my body-oven wrapped in emptiness

says nothing as it is left without attention and unable to give it

my mind is a fan

it gets lost in the boom-disorder of that body lying

in the anxiety to return to the trapeze

where the future came sleepwalker
among faces-faceless-smiles-and-go-fuck-yourselves 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Entre caras-descaradas-sonrisas-mentadas-de-madre...

No olvido el sacudón de mano que le di
al dejarle así sin raíces en aquel cafe cerca del parque

y otras ahogadas memorias descuidadas que cargo
grillos-recuerdos en las noches calurosas

mi cuerpo-calenton envuelto en vacío
no dice nada al quedar descuidado y sin poder cuidar

mi mente-abanico
se pierde en el boom-trastorno de aquel cadaver tendido

en la ansiedad de volver al trapecio
donde el futuro se dejo venir sonámbulo 
entre caras-descaradas-sonrisas-mentadas-de-madre

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What you embrace...

To you I am
the waves 
I do not know

to you I am
in the cracks
picking the margins

to you I am
strong, inside

to you I am 
the waves
in the cracks

to you I am
I do not know 
picking the margins
strong, inside